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    The Magic FIR

    管理員:   發布時間:2017-10-30

    Like the pit viper, get access to thethermal world around you with the MLX90640.

    MLX90640-- Addresses growingdemands seen across numerous applications for thermal analysis. The sensor provides enhanced resolution while still occupyingan attractive price point. Primary applications for this device include people detection, fire prevention,building automation, lighting control, surveillance and air conditioningsystems.


    ?-40°Cto 85°C operational temperature

    range,allows deployment in difficult industrial


    ?Can measure object temperaturesbetween -40°C


    ?A typicaltarget object temperature accuracy of

    ±1°C,precision across its full measurement scale

    ?Noise equivalent temperature difference(NETD)

    ofjust 0.1K RMS at a 1Hz refresh rate, offers

    superiornoise performance

    ?Unlike microbolometer solutions, this sensor does

    notneed re-calibration to specific temperature

    requirementsensuring greater convenience and

    loweringoperational expense

    ?Two different field of view (FoV)options - standard

    55°x35°version and a 110°x75° wide angle version

    ?Supplied in a 4-pin TO39 package, with the

    compactdimensions lowering the overall cost of

    thethermal imaging system

    ?I2Ccompatible digital interface,


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